Partners Network

Partners Network

The WHO with its partners established the health and nutrition research and development network to provide the lead role in their scientific and technological respective of public health and nutrition fields.
Currently, eight centers have been added to the Network. EMRFOODS promotes collaboration of these Centers with their counterparts worldwide and facilitates joint activities, such as research projects, expert-exchange, training & knowledge and technology-transfer through the WHO support.

Network Objectives

  • Assisting the countries of the East Mediterranean Region to build sustain network of scientists and technologists in the areas of health and nutrition, which are of critical importance to sustainable health and well-being.
  • Assisting in finding innovative solutions for EMR health and nutrition challenges.
  • Facilitating knowledge and technology transfer and providing the industry with highly qualified technical personnel.
  • Providing a suitable framework for health and nutrition assessment and management in the East Mediterranean Region.
  • Developing strong links between Members of the Network, and facilitating resource sharing between the centers.
  • Promoting joint scientific research and technological projects of common interest amongst the Members of the Network.

The Functions of the Network

The Members of the Network carry out the following functions :

  • Performing high-level research and training activities, nationally, regionally and internationally, in order to provide an innovative solution for health and nutrition challenges.
  • Conducting basic and applying research in order to help find solutions to health and well-being development and environmental challenges facing the EMR.
  • Providing scientific and technical services to advance public health and health care systems sectors in the EMR.